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New and Most Advanced Hospitalization Tower for Children in Israel: the Glass Building at Schneider Children’s Opens Its Doors

The new tower, which doubles the size of the existing scope of Schneider Children’s, also serves as an emergency hospital in times of conventional, biological and chemical warfare and includes a nursery with private rooms and a therapeutic garden

Schneider Children’s Inaugurates the Glass Building: The New and Advanced Hospitalization Tower for Children in Israel

The new building, which will double the size of the existing hospital, also includes a two-floor fortified emergency hospital against conventional, biological and chemical warfare and includes the neonatal department with private rooms and a therapeutic garden. The building will be inhabited in May.

Ilona Goes Home

13-year-old’s life saved after a liver transplant conducted at Schneider Children’s Medical Center

A Year of New Beginnings: Schneider Children’s Summarizes the Jewish Year of 5782

41 organ transplants and 36 bone marrow transplants were conducted at Schneider Children’s Medical Center during 5782

“They Should Also Tell Us the Truth Even if It is Tough, but Allow Us Room for Hope”

Children hospitalized at Schneider Children’s share their thoughts at the Patient’s Council, the first of its kind

Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz Visits Schneider Children’s Medical Center

The Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, visited Schneider Children’s this morning together with a delegation of senior staff from his office.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennet Visits SCMCI

“I visited the Oncology Department at Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel. I met true heroes there, that could teach us all a few important lessons about recognizing and appreciating the good in life.”

Schneider Medical Team Saves Life of Infant Born by Caesarian Section at Field Hospital in Ukraine

The first Caesarian section performed by the Israeli team in the “Shining Star” field hospital in Ukraine received a dramatic turnaround when the newly born infant started to turn blue and needed urgent life-saving attention.

Ukraine Ambassador to Israel Visits Children Rescued From the Fighting and Being Treated at Schneider Children’s

Schneider Children’s Medical Center welcomed the Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel, Mr. Yevgeny Kornichuk, who was accompanied by Mr. Michael Brodsky, Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine.

In Ukraine, Israeli medical staff and Jewish volunteers help thousands cope with war’s effects

Israeli physicians and Jewish groups are assisting thousands of non-Jews across Ukraine deal with the effects of the Russian invasion into that country.

Doctors volunteering at Israeli field hospital in Ukraine: ‘Whatever is needed, we’re doing’

This week, Israel set up a field hospital in Ukraine near the Polish border. Dr. Michael Segal and Dr. Adam Goldstein join Andrea Mitchell to share their experiences treating trauma cases at the elementary school turned hospital.

Medical Team from SCMCI sets out for Ukraine

The group is part of the “Shining Star” Mission and will be in charge of the pediatric section of the Israeli field hospital set up there

Major Breakthrough in Blood Cancer Research

Research Conducted at SCMCI has uncovered the causes for developing one of the most lethal types of Leukemia

Adverse Effect of Antibiotics on Infants with RSV?

International research led by Prof. Avi Beigelman of SCMCI finds that antibiotics given to insfants hospitalized with RSV are not effective in preventing asthma and recurrent wheezing episodes.


A mother of 7 donates a kidney to 8-year old she doesn’t know, and saves the girl’s life.

A usually healthy child, Pari’s condition deteriorated to life-threatening kidney failure due to a congenital disease of which all were altogether unaware; the kidney transplant was conducted at SCMCI via the “Matanat Chaim” (lit. Gift of Life) Charity


Last week, an 11-year-old girl hospitalized at SCMCI, where she was connected to the ECMO machine for over 40 days, asked the staff to go outside to the sunshine. The moment that the sun peeked through the clouds, the attending team (doctor, nurse and ECMO operators) organized and with great teamwork, took the girl outside to enjoy the sunlight.


The invitation to the First Abraham’s Children Conference was presented to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi as a gift from the President of the State of Israel, Yitzhak Herzog, during his presidential visit to the UAE. 


The operations took place as part of “Colorectal Week” led by Dr. Inbal Samuk and with the participation of Dr. Mark Levitt, world-renowned surgeon from Washington Children’s Hospital


Arpeh Huamada, a 16 1⁄2-year-old soccer player from Beer Sheba, underwent an emergency transplant of an artificial heart at SCMCI to save his life.

The Artificial Pancreas System has been included in the 2022 Health Basket of the Israeli Ministry of Health

After many years of waiting, the Artificial Pancreas system made by Meditronic comprising technology developed at Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, in cooperation with the DreaMed Diabetes company, has been included in the 2022 health basket of services.

5781 – A Year of New Beginnings

Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel summarizes the year of 5781 as a year of milestones and achievements, amidst a global pandemic, a military operation and civilian violence.

Peace begins with Children

UAE Ambassador to Israel visits Schneider Children’s Medical Center for Israel. The visit was part of the collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Clalit Health Services.

Children With Cancer To Conduct Scientific Trial On Malignant Cells In Outer Space

Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel has been selected to participate in the Space Station Mission, led by Eitan Stiva, the second Israeli to head out to outer space.

Weizmann Institute of Science and Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Clalit Health Services to Collaborate

The two aim to establish the Schneider-Weizmann Center for Research on Child and Adult Health

Schneider Children’s Psychologists Offer Short-term Interventions For Children And Youth During Corona

Over the past several months, global and local health networks have been coping with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Worldwide management of the virus of such a proportion has given rise to a crisis with health, emotional, economical and political ramifications across the board, as well as social, family and personal implications.

New Hypertension Clinic For Children Opens At Schneider Children’s Medical Center

A new clinic for the treatment of high blood pressure in children was opened within the Nephrology Institute at Schneider Children’s for the proper evaluation of hypertension tests in children and adolescents, identification and follow-up of the causes of high blood pressure, and appropriate treatment. The clinic is the first of its kind in Israel dedicated to children.

New Service at Schneider Children’s: Online Psychotherapy

Adapting to the new COVID-19 reality, Schneider Children’s is now offering a new service of online psychiatric/psychological treatment and counselling with mental health and behavioral professionals for children, youth and their families via secure videoconferencing from their homes.

Schneider Children’s Medical Center for Israel Response to COVID-19

In the current pandemic, in which medical professionals worldwide have found themselves at the frontlines of the battle with COVID-19, children at Schneider Children’s Medical Center for Israel are at high risk for serious complications if they contract coronavirus. Given these circumstances, the hospital is working aggressively to contain the spread of the virus and to safeguard its staff and patients.

A World Overturned

The coronavirus is a global pandemic affecting each and every individual on the planet. As governments and health systems devise strategies to fight COVID-19, introducing terms such as “flattening the curve” and “exponential growth” into all of our daily lives, the implications of the global battle are felt in each home, in every country.

5 Children are Connected Simultaneously to the ECMO Machine that Replaces Heart and Lung Function

Rare string of coincidences in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children’s Medical Center.

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