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Research Initiatives

Solving the Mysteries of Childhood Diseases

Now more than ever is a moment of opportunity and urgency to solving the mysteries of childhood diseases. Innovative programs supported by Children’s Health Alliance for Israel and proven successful at the Medical Center will be shared with other hospitals and community-based clinics that serve children throughout Israel and the world.

Research Initiatives

Integrating Mental Health into all Medical Care

“Here in Israel, there is a lot of pressure and anxiety among all kids. If we are not treating these children from the beginning, at the end they will develop serious mental illness.”  – Dr. Silvana Fennig

Dr. Silvana Fennig is working to bring about a fundamental shift in the way we approach child psychiatry by integrating emotional and mental health into all medical care while developing strategies for early detection of mental illness.

Research Initiatives

Seeking an End to Childhood Cancer

“We need to not only cure our children but ensure that they suffer as little as possible from treatment side effects. We will be able to cure every child with cancer within the next two or three decades.” – Dr. Shai Izraeli

Dr. Shai Izraeli, a pioneer in cancer research and treatment, is launching the Institute for Future Precision Cancer Medicine for the Young to create better cancer therapies for children.

Genome-wide association studies, along with next-generation genome sequencing, have transformed scientists understanding of cancer biology and genetic abnormalities responsible for cancer in younger patients. SCMCI, where research and clinical care are intertwined, the bench to bedside, patient-related translational research is an unparalleled platform for life-saving developments.

Research Initiatives

Revolutionizing Diabetes Treatment with Technology

Dr. Moshe Philip has been a trailblazer in diabetes treatments, having developed the first pediatric artificial pancreas. Dr Phillip is now establishing the Digital Diabetes Center to revolutionize the ways in which advanced technologies are used to care for children with diabetes, empowering them to lead healthy lives.

Sophisticated methods of delivering insulin and measuring glucose levels are in glaring paradox with the fact that diabetes control as measured by glycated A1c has gone up in the last seven years, particularly in teens and emerging adults. This points SCMCI experts to create a comprehensive model, based on advanced technologies, which offers online, real-time access to data and medical care; a digital clinic that will enable children and their health providers to interact regularly, based on an extensive data network and technological tools that align with the daily coping with diabetes.

Research Initiatives

Developing Cures for Severe Food Allergies

Dr. Avraham Beigelman is fighting to change the alarming trends in severe food allergies among children by establishing The National Food Allergy Center focusing on the use of advanced immune therapies, translational research, and education.

Food allergy, which can result in life-threatening reactions, have become a significant health problem affecting children, families, and the education and health systems. Traditional food allergy management is based on avoidance of the allergenic food and emergency treatment in case of accidental ingestion. However, recent clinical trials revealed the efficacy of Oral Immune Therapy’s (OIT) in inducing tolerance to the allergenic food – curing the food allergy or at least protecting the children from severe reactions in case of accidental ingestions of small food amounts.

The center at SCMCI will be a model of converging multi-disciplinary translational multi-omics research, clinical care and education – advancing food allergy treatment, cutting-edge research, and educating the families and the medical community in addressing this challenging disease.

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