Children's Health Alliance for Israel
Care and Growth in Numbers

Care and Growth in Numbers

7 floors

35,000 sq. meters (376,736 sq. feet)

237 beds including 30 for day care and 72 critical care beds

1,500 employees

350 Physicians with advanced specialty and subspecialty pediatric training

550 Pediatric Nurses and Nurse Assistants

152 Paramedical Staff

Care and Growth in Numbers

2 Cardiac Catheterization Labs

3 specially oriented intensive care units

National Referral Center



Endocrinology & Childhood Diabetes

Organ and Bone Marrow Transplantation

Care and Growth in Numbers

220,000 visits to outpatient clinics

55,000 visits to the Emergency Medicine Department (ER) – busiest in the country

13,500 admissions, amounting to some 75,000 hospitalization days

12,000 surgeries including 500 cardiac and vascular surgeries and ~220 neurosurgeries

250 dialysis treatments

1,600 catheterizations and cardiac procedures

57 cochlear implants

44  organ transplants

43 bone marrow transplants

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