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The Spirit of Giving

Your contribution to Schneider Children’s will be most gratefully received and will help make a difference to saving children’s lives. Contributions made in Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States are all tax-deductible.

Pediatric care, by its nature, is continually evolving and a highly specialized discipline. As such, it demands a huge and constant investment in order to remain on the cutting edge of medical, scientific and technological progress. The operating budget of Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel does not allow for the increasing costs of pediatric care, and the hospital has no choice but to seek additional funding from outside resources. This is where the generosity of donors plays a crucial role.

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Gift Opportunities

Giving, in all its myriad meanings, involves a sense of personal dedication and partnership. While Schneider Children’s gives life, it is the philanthropist who gives Schneider Children’s the opportunity to give that life.

The list of needs is tremendous, varied and always urgent. Even the smallest gift can directly impact upon the well-being of sick kids, from $10 for a soft cuddly toy for an infant, to $100,000 for urgently needed equipment, to $500,000 to initiate a new program.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Annual Employment
  • Research
  • Naming Opportunities
  • Psychosocial Programs
  • New Services
  • The New Southern Wing

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Bar / Bat Mitzvah Program

Bar- or Bat- Mitzvah, literally “son of” or “daughter of” Mitzvah, means that as you attain religious maturity, you become responsible to fulfill all Torah commandments, or mitzvot (good deeds).

The occasion is cause for great celebration and joy, for gifts and for parties. It is also a time for reflection of your new status as prayer and community participants. We invite you to mark this important milestone in your life with a special and unique mitzvah of your very own. You can help save other children’s lives with a gift of caring and sharing.

By linking your simcha with the needs of less fortunate youngsters hospitalized in Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, you can perform a double mitzvah.

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New Southern Wing

The new 7-floor Southern Wing will be outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced equipment available today.

Decades of medical excellence and first-rate professionalism have fuelled the broad popularity for which Schneider Children’s is recognized today. Alongside this significant achievement, the medical center faces the downside of its success: daily and unrelenting pressure to respond to the huge and ever-increasing demand for its services. The volume of patients has long surpassed even the most optimistic of projections. This has led to undesirable, lengthy waiting lists, and escalating, perennial overload in every department and clinic.

Issues such as quality of care, risk management and hospitalization conditions have become of enormous and ongoing concern. The addition of a new hospital extension is no longer a dream, but a crucial and pressing reality so that facilities can be expanded and upgraded on all fronts and to adequately respond to the needs of all children.

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