Gift Opportunities

Giving, in all its myriad meanings, involves a sense of personal dedication and partnership. While Schneider Children’s gives life, it is the philanthropist who gives Schneider Children’s the opportunity to give that life.

The list of needs is tremendous, varied and always urgent. Even the smallest gift can directly impact upon the well-being of sick kids, from $10 for a soft cuddly toy for an infant, to $100,000 for urgently needed equipment, to $500,000 to initiate a new program.

Medical Equipment

Any delay in diagnosis and treatment of a sick child can yield severe, and sometimes irreversible, damage. Having the most sophisticated equipment available is crucial to both improved and speedier diagnostic ability and to the provision of the finest treatment available to children.

Annual Employment

Despite increasing numbers of patients, there has been no parallel increase in job slots with the result that many departments are severely understaffed, resulting in longer waiting lines.


Collaborative research programs are crucial to Schneider Children’s efforts to confront disease, acquire new skills and expand knowledge and techniques. The unprecedented advances in biomedical, technological and medical research underscore the fact that ongoing research saves more lives, extends life expectancy and enhances quality of life.

Naming Opportunities

Endowment of a building component within Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel accords benefactors the unique privilege of linking their names, or those of their loved ones, to the structure in perpetuity.

Psychosocial Programs

Medical treatment is interwoven with educational, psychological, social and developmental programs to ensure the wholesome healing of the child, such as Music Therapy or the Hospital Clowns program.

New Services

Modern pediatric care is still developing with new fields of sub-specialization emerging each year as medicine continues its huge strides. In order to maintain pace with the latest techniques and technologies available for children, new services must be added, such as the Department for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

The New Southern Wing

Due to escalating numbers of pediatric patients, there is a real and urgent need to expand services and facilities. The Southern Wing will comprise 7 floors and almost double the hospital’s capacity while resolving a host of other vital needs such as appropriate space for ambulatory clinics. The modern infrastructure will be outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies and with the most advanced equipment available on the market today.