Israeli physicians and Jewish groups are assisting thousands of non-Jews across Ukraine deal with the effects of the Russian invasion into that country.

Near Lviv in Ukraine’s west, a field hospital set up this week by the Israeli government with physicians and nurses from the Schneider Children’s Medical Center near Tel Aviv has treated at least 160 patients, most of them children, since it opened Tuesday, according to the Jewish News website on Ukrainian Jewry.

There are 66 beds and dozens of staff and volunteers working alongside the medical staff from the Schneider Center at Israel’s Kohav Meir hospital — a name that means “shining star” in Hebrew but is also a reference to Golda Meir, a former Israeli prime minister who was born in Kyiv and is seen as an inspiration by many Ukrainians.

Israel and the United States are among a handful of countries that have set up field hospitals in Ukraine. The Israeli one is set up to treat about 150 patients daily, according to Israel Hayom.

Most of the patients have issues unrelated to the fighting but have lost access to medical treatment because of it.

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