Dear Mindy and Michael,

Today, October 29, 2021, Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel turns 30 years old! What a fantastic achievement and indeed a meaningful milestone in the annals of pediatric medicine in Israel.

The hospital has changed the face of paediatrics in Israel literally, and have ever since become the “gold standard” for best pediatric care. More than that, our mantra “above and beyond” makes Schneider Children’s not only a giant of medical accomplishment but also a haven of care and compassion for each and every child. To say that I am proud to serve as its CEO doesn’t come close to how I feel, having been intimately involved with this wonderful institution for many years.

Over the past three decades, Schneider has broken barriers, spearheaded new technologies, introduced emerging fields and served as the epitome of tertiary pediatric care in Israel. Our research efforts are being redoubled as I speak and our senior consultants are world-renowned. We maintain collaborations across the globe and actively seek new partners. We have trained generations of young paediatricians and other medical personnel and accepted fellows from all over the world.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that after 3 decades of dedication, we are looking ahead to our future with ever brighter horizons. The new glass pavilion will shine and glow, outfitted as an outstanding building, with expanded services, and installations and innovations unique to us.

Yesterday we all celebrated – staff and children. Hospital management greeted every employee with a small birthday item; a magnet photograph stand offered mementoes to everyone; balloons festooned the atrium; and a special card presented to all incomers. Yeladim Shelanu arranged for artists to hand out presents to every child in all the departments, units and clinics.

A short video was taken of our staff members blowing out “30” on a decorated cake

At the same time, we never forget Irving and Helen, whose vision, love and generosity brought about our establishment all those years ago.

We are ever grateful to you and your family for having been a part of this grand endeavour called Schneider Children’s for so many years. We do not take your support and friendship for granted, yet are enormously honoured that you have continued the legacy.

I’m attaching some photos of the celebration.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in NY.

Mazal Tov!